Wearable Fall 2012 Makeup Trends

What’s happening this fall concerning your makeup?  Trends come and go and it seems like we see a lot of these looks recreated every few years.  What was hot last year may be slightly tweaked to be the newest, greatest thing this year.  Some of these looks only look good on the runway or on the very brave (bright blue eyeshadow!).  Here are a few that are actually wearable by us regular folks.

Smoky Eyes — Especially Browns and Brownish Red
Smoky eyeshadow always seems to be “in”, but this fall brown is making a comeback.  Browns to use would be shimmery golden browns, matte or shimmery chocolates, warm reddish browns or whatever is your preference.  It it’s brown, it’ll work.  Browns look great on all eye colors.

Dark Green Eyeshadow
Remember last year when military green was the coolest thing in clothing?  Now it’s the coolest thing for your eyes.  Dark greens look best on green, brown or hazel eyes, but can look good on blue eyes also, it just depends on the shade of green.  If your eyes are blue, choose a shade that has a tiny hint of blue in it.   If your eyes are green, brown, or hazel, choose a shade that is more of a golden green, khaki or emerald.  If it’s hard to determine if a shade is more golden or blue, take two shades and hold them up against each other.  It’s easier to see the color when it’s against another.  

Flawless Skin
“No makeup” looking makeup.  This look is achieved by using the absolute minimum to achieve your goal of natural looking skin without being too matte.  Start with a tinted moisturizer.  If you don’t have one, mix a bit of your foundation with your moisturizer.  Next, use your fingers to subtly color your cheeks with a cream blush.  If you don’t have cream blush you can substitute with some lipstick, just make sure that it’s not frosted.  Concealer can be lightly used in areas that are in need.  Dust a small amount of powder on your T Zone, keeping your cheeks bare.  Use a neutral skin tone shade of eyeshadow on your eyelids.  A small amount of eyeliner can be used if smudged well into the lash line so there is no definite line.  Two coats of black mascara to bring out your eyes.  Fill in your brows subtly if needed with either a powder or pencil.  Finish off with the lips using either a gloss or subtle lipstick.  No reds or harsh colors here.  The “no makeup” look actually still involves a bit of makeup, but nobody has to know that!

Black Cherry Lips
Think cherry cola, dark ruby, dark raspberry.  These lips are hot and sexy!  Use a lip liner that matches your natural lip color and fill in all the way so the color wears evenly.  Apply your color of choice with a lip brush for the most precise application.  Bold colors need to be accurate and not sloppy.  Bold, dark colors are not the best for very thin lips, it will make them look smaller.  Keep the rest of your makeup subtle, but still using at least two coats of mascara to balance out the face.

Nude Lip Gloss
This one is easy.  Nude lip gloss can go with just about any look or outfit.  Dark eye shadow, colored eye shadow or light eye shadow, it really doesn’t matter.  It’s easy to keep up too, just apply and throw the tube in your purse or pocket.

So there are a few of the looks for fall 2012.  Which ones are you going to try?

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