Jennifer Aniston and Vaseline

A lot of us look for cheap beauty secrets that actually work.  Celebrities supposedly know everything, so we look to them for advice, especially when it comes to beauty.   They always look good so they must have some insider information.  It couldn’t be the fact that they have zillions to spend on Creme de La Mer or the fact that they have professional makeup artists and hair stylists on call for every appearance.  Lately, I have seen quite a few articles on what celebrities use that you can buy at the drugstore.

The one that really sticks out to me is that Jennifer Aniston keeps the
skin around her eyes looking great by applying Vaseline at night before
she goes to bed.  No, not just a little dab, it is reported that she
uses a quarter of a teaspoon on EACH eye.  Whoa!  That’s quite a bit of
Vaseline.  Here’s a picture to show you just exactly how much that is
per eye:

Photo courtesy of

If you sleep in a corpse pose all night and don’t move, this might not be too messy.  Normal people that toss and turn all night might wake up with Vaseline everywhere.

Regardless of what you think about petroleum products, I have heard many stories of older women who have used petroleum jelly on their faces their whole lives and have beautiful skin.  Maybe Jen is on to something and we should try it, just not in such a large amount.  Good luck if you are going to give it a shot!

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