Men Need Makeup Too!

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This picture was from a few days ago while shooting a commercial for Flooring America in Las Vegas, NV.  When I heard about the shoot, I was told that puppies were going to be involved, which can be either a nightmare or the cutest thing ever.  These Labradoodles were very well behaved and did not make any messes on the carpet.  They did shed all over the poor man though.  I used a sticky lint roller a few times and then gave up.

Men also need a little makeup, the poor things.  Most of them don’t mind, usually they are used to it if they are actors or models.  If they are just a regular Joe off the street, they hate it and if their friends or co-workers are around they usually take pictures.

For this gentleman, I just used a lightweight foundation and buffed it into his skin with a synthetic dual fiber brush.  I then set the foundation with some matching loose powder on a powder brush.  For men, you have to pay special attention to the hairline, which can get very shiny.  I went into that area with some pressed powder and a powder puff and pressed it into his skin.  I finished off by combing out his eyebrows with a clean mascara spoolie with a little clear brow gel on it.  He probably thought that I was nuts when I put powder in his ears, but they were pretty shiny and that would definitely show up on camera.

That’s it.  No blush, contour, no lip stuff.  Some men need more grooming, some need less.  Regardless, most are super happy when I take the makeup off at the end of the shoot.  Once in a while, they opt keep it on for the rest of the day!  🙂


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