Lipstick Mania!


Photo by Tracy Sotirakis

Is this necessary?  To some, this may be overkill.  Do I need ALL these lip glosses, lip stains and lipsticks in my gigantic purse every day?  Yes!  Most of the time, I apply my makeup at home before work or going out and then do my lips in the car….not while driving though!

Lipstick is very important.  Light to dark, glossy to matte, it makes your whole look complete.  Even if you are rockin’ super dark smoky eyes, you still need some sort of lip goo, whether it is just gloss or a nice neutral tone lipstick.  Bare lips are just boring.  Even the classic Cherry Chap Stick has a slight tint to it.  My favorite lip balm with a slight ruby tint is the cult classic Bonnie Bell Dr. Pepper flavor.  It’s pretty and smells good too.

It has been said, “A day without lipstick is like a day without sunshine”.  Very true.  Even if I take a very small clutch purse with me for a quick trip out, there are at least two lip products in it.

Do I look crazy sometimes with my bright coral lipstick?  Maybe.  Do I look like a gothic angel with my light skin and dark berry stained lips?  Absolutely.  It’s fun, looks sexy and washes off if you by chance look like a clown.  At least I will have another color and formula in my bag so I can change it if needed.

So yes, I really need all these lip products.  I bet you have a nice supply too!

P.S.  As I wrote this blog and took the picture, my husband walked by and saw the lip products on the kitchen counter and said that it was absolutely ridiculous.  He just doesn’t get it.

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