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Bridal Photo Shoot at a Ghost Town


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This past week, I had the pleasure of working on a photo shoot for a bridal magazine at a ghost town.  Luckily it was not one of those very spooky ghost towns where if you accidentally take a rock you will be cursed until you return it.  The weather was wonderful, around 80 degrees with a light breeze.  Being a ghost town, there was no power or anywhere to set up all my goodies so I used my favorite outdoor setup area–the back of my truck.  It always pays to be mobile and flexible and be able to do makeup and hair anywhere the client wants.

We had two models, one female and one male, “bride” and “groom”.  Luckily they were a couple so that made the hugging and kissing shots more comfortable.  The look that we were going for was desert bohemian.  Our female model, Ashely, had beautiful blue/green eyes, pale skin and “ombre” dyed hair–dark on top and light on the bottom.  I used a full coverage cream foundation to give her a flawless finish and a nice amount of powder.  For her eye makeup, I filled in her eyebrows with a matching powdered brow color.  I wanted her eyeshadow to really make her eye color pop so I used a cream colored base, a cool shimmery taupe that borders on the purple side and a dark burgundy to contour.  She had nice eye lashes, but I put on false eye lashes to thicken them up.  For her eyeliner, I used brown and black and smudged it in well to make it a little smoky.  I then applied peach and light taupe blush and a pinkish nude lipstick.  Lastly, I curled her hair and teased it a throughout the curls to give it a little volume.

Now you may ask, how did I curl her hair if I had no power?  Out of all the items that are in my makeup/hair kit, the one that has saved me the most times is my butane powered curling iron.  All you have to do is attach the butane cell to the small iron piece, start it up and curl away.  It’s not a gigantic curling iron but it produces a great curl.  I highly recommend it to anyone who travels or needs to do their hair where there is no power, like a ghost town!

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For our groom, Todd, he received some makeup and hair action also.  I used a little bit of a creamy concealer to even out his skin tone and take care of a few minor skin imperfections and finished with powder.  I ran a whole bunch of anti-frizz cream through his hair and then just let it do it’s thing.  He needed to be able to run his fingers through his hair so I didn’t use a ton of hair spray.

The shoot went great. We had fantastic late afternoon light.  Everyone came together to produce some stunning images.  As I was packing up my stuff, the florist, Olga Goddard from came over and gave me this lovely arrangement to take home.  Thanks, Olga!


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