Lemi Shine Review

***Disclaimer:  This post has nothing to do with makeup, but a little to do with “beauty”.***

I moved and as you all know, moving sucks.  There is always something else to put away or organize or clean.  The house that I moved into was pretty clean on the surface but after a few days into it, I began to notice some issues.  The root of all these issues is the super hard water.  In fact,  it’s the worst that I have ever seen.  The dishwasher was frightening.  The build up was so bad that the bottom of it looked like a relic from the Titanic.  I ran a few loads and my dishes came out looking cloudy with little white chunks of mineral deposits sprinkled all over.  After reading a ton of cleaning sites, they recommended to use white vinegar to clean it out.  Tried that, no good.  Another recommendation was to use baking soda.  Yeah, no good either.  Days passed with only hand washing the dishes, the horror.  My mother-in-law then recommended a product that she bought on a whim, Lemi Shine.

I bought this stuff at Wal Mart for about $3 dollars and some change and there are 18 uses in it.  (I just saw it at Target for $3.54.)  I don’t know if it’s sold internationally, but they may have something similar.  Lemi Shine’s ingredients are real fruit acids and natural citrus oils.  That’s it.  I had nothing to lose now.

I followed the directions and ran it through the dishwasher by itself a few times because of how bad it was.  To my surprise, this stuff actually started breaking up the “under the sea” looking buildup.  Amazing.  My dishes began to look shiny and clean and the buildup that had been on them was disappearing.

This dishwasher was almost disconnected and thrown into the desert (and beaten with a baseball bat) but Lemi Shine saved it.  I don’t get any perks from recommending this product, nor do I sell it.  Maybe I should.  Just letting you know about a product that may save your dishes too.   So now when you come over to dinner I will be proud to serve you on sparkling, cloud free dishes and glasses.


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