IECSC Las Vegas, NV 2013

 June 22-24 2013
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Las Vegas Convention Center

My favorite event of the summer is the IECSC show in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Unfortunately, it’s only for industry professionals, so the public is not allowed to attend.  Sorry to all you makeup and skincare junkies that are not professionals.  I wish you could go also.

The most exciting part of this year’s convention is that I will be speaking on stage in the Makeup Education room.  I have two classes and here are the descriptions from the conference catalog:


I am honored to be speaking this year.  If you are an industry professional and want to attend the show, go to www.iecsc.com/las-vegas and register.  They also have shows in Florida and New York if you can’t attend the Las Vegas show.  Please come and attend my class and find me after to say hello and introduce yourself.    See you at the show!

*Logo above and catalog snapshots are from IECSC*

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