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Colored Bobby Pins *DIY Project*

Are you ever sitting on the couch watching a trashy reality show, feeling guilty, knowing that you should do something constructive instead?  Why not do a little beauty project?  Most of us girls have tons of plain bobby pins around or can get them easily and cheaply, but their cute factor is definitely lacking.  Boring brown or black or maybe gold.  I have seen some colored one in stores for around $5 for a pack, but usually in colors that I don’t want.

Making your own colored bobby pins is easy and the best part is you can customize them however you want.  You can do one color, multiple colors, glitter, or maybe if you feel like bedazzling, glue some rhinestones on them with your paint job. This is also a fun project that you can do with your kids, grandchildren, nieces or friends.

First, gather your supplies.  You will need:  paper towels or paper plates, bobby pins, nail polish and any other goodies that you may want to glue on to your hair pins.  Nail polish remover may be required to clean up any spills or to clean your fingers.

I had some white, dark and gold pins and many different colors of nail polish, including glitter and clear for sealing.


Start by selecting your design of choice and start painting the bobby pin, doing one side and letting it dry, then the other side.  Repeat if necessary to get your perfect opaqueness.  If you are doing only the top side and don’t want the pin falling over on it’s side while drying, clip another bobby pin to it to help it sit upright.

If you are using dark bobby pins and want to paint on a lighter color, use a coat or two of white nail polish first. This will create a base to make the light color stand out.  You can get creative and paint dots or stripes or do gradient colors.  Here are the ones that I made.

Neon orange, neon yellow/green, purple, multi-colored sparkle, blue, mint green dots with sparkles, neon pink, multi-colored and pearly blue green.

I only made two of each because I don’t really need 9 neon orange bobby pins, but you can make however many you want.  These look great when you combine 3 or 4 pins in a row or for a little pop of color here and there in your style.

I hope your hair looks spectacular with your new fun bobby pins!

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