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Ipsy Glam Bag April 2013




There are a ton of new beauty subscription companies available now, offering a bag or box filled with samples, trial sizes and possibly full size products.  I hate to waste money on crap that I won’t use, but I figured that I would give a few companies a try and see how it went.

After doing some research, one company that I decided to go with was, which is supposed to have more makeup products rather than skincare.  Their cost is $10 a month.  You are supposed to get 4-5 deluxe samples and/or full size products.

The April Glam Bag’s theme is Pretty in Pink.  Ugg, already turned off.  I’m not really an “all over pink” type of person.  The Glam Bag included the zippered pouch, Big Sexy Hair Powder Play, Station Nail Lacquer in Love At First Byte, Two Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Heartache and Be A Bombshell blush in Sweet Cheeks.

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play .07 oz.
I like Sexy Hair products so I was happy to get this sample.  The small bottle feels light as air, but it’s a fine powder so that’s to be expected.  Powder Play, when sprinkled into your roots, gives you added volume and texture.  I like this stuff and will definitely be using it with my clients.  It’s easy to use and really helps create volume in the hair.  Made in the USA.

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Be A Bombshell blush in Sweet Cheeks .17 oz.
This is a full size product.  The color is a bright pink with a rich pigment.  It is incredibly iridescent and very easy to go overboard with.  It did not look good on my skin.  Way too frosted.  I will probably never use this product on either myself or clients.  Maybe I’ll mash it up and make it into a Glow Lotion, see previous posts for recipe.  Maybe I’ll give it to a teenage girl somewhere.  The real turn off, other than the hideous crazy frosted color, is that the packaging feels very cheap and says “Made in China” on the back.  I would maybe pay $1 for this blush, if I was feeling generous.

Station Nail Lacquer in Love At First Byte .50 fl oz.
Another full size product.  From the bottle, the color is a peachy pink.  Pretty neutral, nothing that knocks your socks off.  On the nail it is very sheer.  There are two coats on my nail in this picture and you can still see through it.  I’m not into it.  Either make it very sheer or opaque, not somewhere in between.  If I ever use this, I will only use one coat.  Made in the USA.

Two Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Heartache .035 oz.
Sigh, another pink product, half frosted, half not.  The frosted part is almost exactly the same shade and frostiness as the blush.  Come on Ipsy!  What were you thinking?  You want me to put this color on my eyes?  Hah!  I would look like I got punched in the face.  Not going to happen.  The non frosted side would maybe be alright as a blush, but it’s too small to get a blush brush into without getting all the frosty pink all over it.  Cheap packaging again, made in China.

Ipsy does include discounts for the products in your Glam Bag if you choose to order them.

You may have received this bag and absolutely loved it, I just didn’t.  I may cancel my subscription in fear that next month’s bag will be more of the same.  Ipsy, please give us some good quality products!

**Update:  I just cancelled my subscription.  In the forum for this particular Glam Bag on the Ipsy site, I complained about the product.  My comment was deleted by Ipsy so others could not see it.  How nice!

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Copyright of all photos:  Tracy Sotirakis

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