Matching Bridesmaids Hairstyles

Matching bridesmaids hair styles – a do or a don’t?

Becoming a trend again in the world of weddings is bridal parties with matching or coordinating hair styles.  You have to admit it, there is something really pretty about wedding party photos where all the bridesmaids look like they belong together.  Not looking like clones, unless that’s what the bride wants, but at least looking like they all harmonize with the bride.  Fun and creative photos are also becoming more common with wedding parties.  Why not incorporate matching hair styles as well to make the pictures even better?

Photo courtesy of Jeff Egnaczyk via Flikr Creative Commons

The bridesmaids in the blue dresses all have an up-style with curls, even though they have different lengths of hair.  It looks classy and uniform and goes well with their dresses.

Photo courtesy of Rachel Wilder via Flickr Creative Commons

In the photo above, the bride and her bridesmaids all have different hair cuts and textures, but their wedding day styles are compatible with each other, all up-styles, making them look like they belong together.

Photo courtesy of Shan Owens via Flickr Creative Commons

At first, the above photo is gorgeous.  Everything looks well planned with the dresses, accessories and flower baskets.  All the bridesmaids have a similar style, half up, half down, coordinating with the bride.  All except one…next to the bride on the right.  What happened to her hair?  Did she miss the memo about the half up, half down style?  Her hair looks messy and because of the pose of this photo, it’s covering up some of her face.  How perfect would this photo be if her hair matched the other bridesmaids?

Some things to think of if you are considering having matching hair styles for your bridal party:

  • First, ask your bridesmaids nicely if they would be interested.  Get their input and email photo examples to see if they are on board.
  • If having a hair stylist, who will be paying?  If the bride is paying, then she may have more say, especially if she wants the hair an exact way.  It may be hard to convince a bridesmaid to wear a style that she hates if she has to fork over payment.
  • If the bridesmaids are doing their hair themselves, can they execute the style?  Is it easy to do?  Find a simple tutorial for them on YouTube. 
  • Go with a general style if the bridesmaids are hesitant.  Simple instructions like half up, all down, up-do, parted on the side, incorporate a braid, etc.

photo courtesy of outreachr.com via Flickr Creative Commons

Incorporate something into the hairstyle if they are all going to be different, like flowers or hair clips.  This bridal party, aka…models, all have different dresses but the hair style is the same with big flowers clipped in. 

Most of all, make sure that your bridesmaids are happy with the style.  They put up with a lot during a wedding (bridezillas, spending money on a dress they will never wear again) and they want to feel pretty too. 

Whether matching bridesmaids hairstyles are a do or a don’t in your book, may your wedding day hair styles be gorgeous and your photos be memorable!


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