IECSC and IBS Las Vegas 2015


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International Esthetics Cosmetics and Spa Convention & International Beauty Show in Las Vegas, June 2015

My haul of beauty goodies!

One of my favorite things–beauty conventions.  IECSC and IBS come to Las Vegas every summer and are usually co-located at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Unfortunately, they are only open to industry professionals.  You get to see and buy all sorts of spa, skin, makeup, hair and nail products.  Both shows also offer classes in each category that you can attend for free.  A beauty junkie’s heaven.

With my makeup work schedule, I could only attend the convention one day, so I had to power through both shows.  I got there early so I could attend a hair class by the up-do master, Martin Parsons.  After Martin’s class, armed with my backpack of snacks and water, I embarked on my journey through IECSC.

Beginning in the spa wellness section, I sampled about 6 different vitamin energy drinks, then buzzed my way through the aisles.  A booth advertising eucalyptus oil caught my eye.  Eric, the representative of the EuroSpa Aromatics company, and I chatted about the benefits of eucalyptus oil for a few minutes.  He was very informative and was kind enough to give me a sample of their Pure Eucalyptus Oil Shower Mist.  It smelled amazing.  Eric said that I could also spray the mist into the air conditioning intake in my house to get rid of any bad smells.  That will definitely be happening after frying up some salmon cakes!

Checking items off my shopping list, I stopped by another booth that had tons of cheap spa related items.  I picked up some small spray bottles, dropper bottles and little sample size jars, which I use to give touch-up lipstick and lip gloss to my clients.

Even though I have a gazillion brushes, I couldn’t resist buying a few more.  Mostly small eyeliner and shadow brushes, along with a clear bag that I will use while working on the set for makeup and hair styling jobs.

Needing some new powder foundations after I broke a whole bunch of mine in an attempt to de-pot them (sometimes works well, sometimes a disaster), I stopped by a cosmetics company that sells palettes of powder foundation for professionals.  Since I do makeup on all colors of women and men, I purchased 3 palettes of 6 colors each.  I also picked up an assortment of waterproof eye brow pencils to test out.

Finishing up in IECSC, I had a quick snack and walked over to the other part of the convention hall where the International Beauty Show was going on.  IBS is focused more on nails and hair styling/cutting supplies, along with makeup and gift items.  IBS is a lot more lively than IECSC, with loud upbeat music and energetic instructors on stages doing demonstrations.

Not needing any supplies for nails, I went into the hair and makeup section.  I browsed through the aisles, checking out different companies.  There seemed to be a lot of booths selling glittery/shimmery loose eye shadow.  I don’t use loose eye shadows in my kit because they can be very messy.   I did receive one shimmery light pink sample that I’ll probably make into a glow lotion.

Along my journey, I bumped into my makeup artist friend, Jen, who I have known for at long time.  Always nice to see a friendly face!

Tracy on left, Jen on right.

Coming to the end of my journey, the last booth that I was looking for was nestled in the back of the convention hall.  Lashes!  I’m kind of picky with false eyelashes.  If they are stiff and hard to place naturally on the eye, I won’t use them, even if they are $1.  My favorites are Andrea and Ardelle, but I found a brand that looks suspiciously similar, Sassi.  I’ve purchased them before and really liked the quality and the fact that they come in a 6 pack.  I got a few different natural looking styles for my kit.

Tired and done with my beauty journey, it was time to go home.  IECSC and IBS Las Vegas 2015 were both amazing and I’m glad that I had the chance to go.  Now I have to figure out where to put all this stuff.  I think I am going to need a bigger makeup kit!

All photos by tracysotirakis.com



Great Show at IECSC 2013

The crowd at IECSC 2013

One of my favorite events of the summer in Las Vegas, the International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference, just ended and it was a great show, as usual.  There was tons to see (and buy) and informative classes to attend for those in the beauty industry.  The great thing about IECSC is that it is co-located with the International Beauty Show, which is mostly hair and nail products.  Having the convention center filled with hair stylists, cosmetologists, nail techs, makeup artists and estheticians was inspiring.

I gave two presentations this year, one on organization and sanitation and one on mixing/substitutions for makeup products.  Both classes went very well and it was lovely to meet so many beauty professionals from all over the country.  A special thank you to those of you who attended.  I hope to have classes again next summer, so stay tuned!

Tracy and Noreen Young  noreenyoungpro.com

Another special part of the show was getting to spend time with my friend and colleague, Noreen Young.  Noreen also had two wonderful presentations and a fun booth with her famous lip products.

See you all next year at the show, if not sooner!



IECSC Las Vegas, NV 2013

 June 22-24 2013
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Las Vegas Convention Center

My favorite event of the summer is the IECSC show in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Unfortunately, it’s only for industry professionals, so the public is not allowed to attend.  Sorry to all you makeup and skincare junkies that are not professionals.  I wish you could go also.

The most exciting part of this year’s convention is that I will be speaking on stage in the Makeup Education room.  I have two classes and here are the descriptions from the conference catalog:


I am honored to be speaking this year.  If you are an industry professional and want to attend the show, go to www.iecsc.com/las-vegas and register.  They also have shows in Florida and New York if you can’t attend the Las Vegas show.  Please come and attend my class and find me after to say hello and introduce yourself.    See you at the show!

*Logo above and catalog snapshots are from IECSC*